01.08.2017 .

The final preparations for the launch of the first (out of 5 purchased) 500T Schuler press have been completed. The press works with the feeder in an automatic cycle with a maximum material thickness of 5mm and a material width of up to 800mm. With this investment we can increase our company's...

03.11.2016 .

We are pleased to announce that in order to meet expectations of our customers and to continually expand the technical capabilities of our company, we enlarged the machinery park with five Schuler 500T presses.
The constantly expanding range of production capabilities allows us to...

01.07.2016 .

Purchase of 40 ton and 60 ton high-speed Schuler presses is the proof of continued growth and expansion of MALBOX. Presses will work in automatic cycle with feeders. Those presses will allow to expand our offer with smaller, precisely stamped parts.

01.07.2016 .

New line of hydraulic presses (630T; 600T; 400T, 315T) was launched Considering demand of our customers and the market potential for production of deep-drawn parts, our company invested in the purchase of 4 hydraulic presses with pressures of 630, 600, 400, 315 tons. Therefore Malbox increased...

16.03.2015 .

We hereby inform that our company has increased its capacity in production of the prototypes and the testing batches by purchasing 175 tonnes edge press with 3m table. This investment will also allow us to produce smaller production series where it is not cost-effective to invest in the stamping...